Portable Tripod Ring LED selfie stick with Bluetooth Remote for Makeup, Live Streaming, Shooting, YouTube Video, Vlogs and Compatible with iPhone/Android

by Daily Aid LLC

$49.99 $69.99
  • ideal gadget for family and group gatherings, holidays, camping/hiking trips, graduations, live events, or when you're flying solo and want to capture the moment.   
  • Top-quality construction and ingenious design result in an expandable selfie stick that's elegant and professional-looking, yet compact and easy to carry.   
  • Our Bluetooth remote allows you to take pictures on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. It also allows you to take videos on Instagram using the hands-free option.   
  • The wireless removable Bluetooth remote allows you to take pictures at various angles and at a distance.   
  • Expandable and adjustable, you can rotate your camera 360 degrees to give you the best setup.   
  • Works with iOS and Android, and the holder is universal for most smartphones.    
  • This gadget is made of several strong, detachable, and durable components that are remarkably light, forming the main attraction of the gadget’s portability.  It is easily compatible with a wide range of the latest technological devices and comes in a breathtaking aesthetic build that makes the entire setup a sight to behold.   
  • Designed for your smartphone. It is a portable selfie support kit that can be used as a mini tripod, tabletop tripod, and selfie stick.    
  • Provides stable support and wireless motion control for smartphones. It is a multi-functional accessory that is perfect for HD photography, video-shooting, time-lapse and long exposure shooting. Also makes a perfect gift!   
  • Color - Black   
  • Package dimension - 6.35 x 2.85 x 8.1 inch   
  • Packing Weight - 280g   
  • Bluetooth version - 4.0   
  • Main Material - ABS + Aluminum Alloy   
  • Light Battery - 1200mhg   
  • Charging Current - DC5V/900mA   
  • Working Current - 1A   
  • Consumed Power - 4W   
  • Playing Time - 2.5h-5h   
  • White lamp brightness - 6500K   
  • Yellow lamp brightness - 2900K   
  • LED lamp power - 0.5W/PCS 

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If you decide to return your purchase any time within the 30-day period, simply e-mail us and we will issue your refund.