• The complete box package has multiple tools to solve all your selfie and filming problems: The box does not just come with a selfie stick. There are other tools that will make your photo session and filming awesome.
  • The selfie stick tripod is compact, portable and light (weighs 415g): It is not a problem to carry the box along to any location or events; it is highly portable and lightweight to take around.
  • It has a three in one phone holder: This device is designed to hold three phones at a time and conveniently take pictures with them.
  • Can hold tablets and gadgets of different sizes: This phone holder is adjustable and can hold tablets or any device without being limited by their sizes.
  • It is foldable into a portable size of 28.5cm
  • It is easily adjustable and can be set into appropriate sizes
  • It has a lock design with a stable and firm Tripod: You can adjust and lock up the ­device to the appropriate size that you want. Also, it can be set to stand on its own without a need for any hand support.
  • The selfie stick has Bluetooth features to take pictures: The Bluetooth remote control is detachable and can be used from a distance.
  • It is flexible and extendable in height: You can extend the device to the maximum height of 1.5m and as well fold it back into a portable device
  • It is an all-in-one combination scaffold into 180mm
  • Comes with a USB cable to charge the device
  • Best option for a large group picture: The problem of group selfies is solved with this device. No one is going to be left out since you set the camera at a distance and take pictures using a Bluetooth remote control.


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