Portable Tripod Ring LED selfie stick with Bluetooth Remote

by Daily Aid LLC

$49.99 $69.99
  • ideal gadget for family and group gatherings, holidays, camping/hiking trips, graduations, live events, or when you're flying solo and want to capture the moment.   
  • Top-quality construction and ingenious design result in an expandable selfie stick that's elegant and professional-looking, yet compact and easy to carry.   
  • The wireless removable Bluetooth remote allows you to take pictures at various angles and at a distance.   
  • Expandable and adjustable, you can rotate your camera 360 degrees to give you the best setup.   
  • Works with iOS and Android, and the holder is universal for most smartphones.    
  • This gadget is made of several strong, detachable, and durable components that are remarkably light, forming the main attraction of the gadget’s portability.  It is easily compatible with a wide range of the latest technological devices and comes in a breathtaking aesthetic build that makes the entire setup a sight to behold.   
  • Designed for your smartphone. It is a portable selfie support kit that can be used as a mini tripod, tabletop tripod, and selfie stick.    
  • Provides stable support and wireless motion control for smartphones. It is a multi-functional accessory that is perfect for HD photography, video-shooting, time-lapse and long exposure shooting. Also makes a perfect gift!   
  • Color - Black   
  • Package dimension - 6.35 x 2.85 x 8.1 inch   
  • Packing Weight - 280g   
  • Bluetooth version - 4.0   
  • Main Material - ABS + Aluminum Alloy   
  • Light Battery - 1200mhg   
  • Charging Current - DC5V/900mA   
  • Working Current - 1A   
  • Consumed Power - 4W   
  • Playing Time - 2.5h-5h   
  • White lamp brightness - 6500K   
  • Yellow lamp brightness - 2900K   
  • LED lamp power - 0.5W/PCS 

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The Daily Aid Portable Tripod and Selfie Stick LED Ring Light is an all in one lighting solution – perfect, versatile lighting as a tripod for easy video and photo creation. Or easily use the light for effortless selfie photos and video!
Absolutely ideal for use
by influencers, content creators, vloggers and bloggers, this light has several LED settings and Bluetooth remote to get your lighting right!

Working remotely or from home? No problem! The Daily Aid LED
Ring Light makes perfect lighting for video conferencing easy – looking professional on the job has never been easier!

And that's not all...
This light is everything from a makeup light, to a reading light, to a light for
emergency or backup use – making it compact, affordable and extremely versatile


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If you decide to return your purchase any time within the 30-day period, simply e-mail us and we will issue your refund.