Cool Flex - All-in-one stable and Portable Tripod Monopod Ring LED selfie stick for Makeup, Live Streaming, Shooting, Tik Tok, YouTube Video, professional photography, Vlog and Compatible with iPhone/Android

by Daily Aid LLC

$149.99 $194.98


  • Selfie Stick with Bluetooth remote  
  • Single-side holder  
  • Data Cable  
  • Tablet Holder  
  • LED Fill Light with remote  
  • 3 in 1 phone holder  
  • Camera Gimbal with Bluetooth remote 


  • Adjustable and Firm:     

The device is super easy to adjust to your taste by twisting inward or outward to extend the length and make it stand firmly without holding it. The all-in-one combination scaffold is extendable to take up to three gadgets at a time.  It is easy to twist the phone holder and take photos or do videos.    

  • Bluetooth remote control    

 It is perfectly compatible with any smartphone version. The Bluetooth remote control helps you to zoom in and out. It is a detachable wireless control that enables taking pictures on all social media platforms and control while away from the device.    

  • Portability and compactness    

The selfie stick is designed to be folded into a portable size of 28.5cm/415g. It is easy to fold the device into something well compacted with 180mm when folded, and 400mm when unfolded. You can extend the long length telescoping up to 1.5m in height.     

  • Stability and focus    

Our selfie stick helps users to take more focused pictures and holds phones firmly while taking videos or photos to protect the phone's camera stability.  With this exclusive feature plus the single side holder, you will enjoy the privilege to take long-distance group pictures and relieve your hand off the stress of holding the phone.    

  • LED fill light support    

The whole package comes with a led fill light and a camera Gimbal that helps you to hold your phone very tight.  The device helps you to remain focused and keep the camera stable. The LED light as well helps you to take a clearer picture by lighting up your faces irrespective of the location or the weather.     


  • The complete box package has multiple tools to solve all your selfie and filming problems: The box does not just come with a selfie stick. There are other tools that will make your photo session and filming awesome.    
  • The selfie stick tripod is compact, portable and light (weighs 415g): It is not a problem to carry the box along to any location or events; it is highly portable and lightweight to take around.    
  • It has a three in one phone holder: This device is designed to hold three phones at a time and conveniently take pictures with them.    
  • Can hold tablets and gadgets of different sizes: This phone holder is adjustable and can hold tablets or any device without being limited by their sizes.    
  • It is foldable into a portable size of 28.5cm    
  • It is easily adjustable and can be set into appropriate sizes    
  • It has a lock design with a stable and firm Tripod: You can adjust and lock up the ­device to the appropriate size that you want. Also, it can be set to stand on its own without a need for any hand support.    
  • The selfie stick has Bluetooth features to take pictures: The Bluetooth remote control is detachable and can be used from a distance.    
  • It is flexible and extendable in height: You can extend the device to the maximum height of 1.5m and as well fold it back into a portable device    
  • It is an all-in-one combination scaffold into 180mm    
  • Comes with a USB cable to charge the device    
  • The best option for a large group picture: The problem of group selfies is solved with this device. No one is going to be left out since you set the camera at a distance and take pictures using a Bluetooth remote control.   


  • Product Model: Oth-AB203B    
  • Folded Length: 0.2 m    
  • Product Size: 32 x 40 x 285 mm    
  • Weight: 415 g    
  • Extended Length (m): 1.5 m    
  • Rod Material: Aluminum Rod    
  • Battery Capacity: 65 MAH    
  • Standard: Q/OSL 001-2019    
  • Load Capacity: 20 KG    
  • Leg Sections: 6    
  • Remote control distance: 10m 
  • Use: Digital v=1600303894 

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